Happy Little Accidents

In a way, the Radicle brand is defined by its community. Our community and core team are an exciting and creative bunch. The brand was born from a community that’s extremely online, so it was made to look like that too.

The Radicle logo. A green seedling inside a blue circle.

The main wordmark is made of simple geometric forms. It’s meant to let the content remain the focus. It isn’t typically paired with the token symbol.

The Radicle token symbol. A green seedling inside a blue circle.

The token symbol, which also can be used to represent Radicle generally. It comes in many colors but blue and green are the standard coloring.

Although there aren’t any style requirements for products built on the Radicle stack, if you want to use the Radicle style guide, it’s pretty simple.

Examples letters from the Inter font.


Radicle uses Inter by Rasmus Andersson. It’s a free and open source UI font that’s simple, straightforward, and easy to use.

Examples letters from the Inter font.


Although there is no single color for Radicle, color does play a big role. Gradients are fun. Use them sparingly.

Examples letters from the Inter font.


Some Radicle apps use a custom icon set drawn by the core team. It’s clear but still opinionated and best of all: open.

That’s all for now. 🌱 Need anything else? Find us on Discord.

Crude 3D animation of a crowd of people cheering.

Thanks for visiting. Here are some roses. We love you.

A spinning red rose.

is it getting bright in here … or is it just me?


A flash of lightning. A flash of lightning.

wait what is this? where am i?

you are here…

A 3d rotating earth.

welcome to the brand zone
Funky letters bouncing that says its fun time.
a peak behind the curtain, if you will

Colorful little butterflies. A spinning rainbow-colored wifi symbol. A dancing gecko! A dancing alien! A spinning toilet. A spinning diamond. A spinning diamond. website counter

Well that was fun. And if you’re interested enough to scroll through that, then you might be interested in the story behind the Radicle brand. You can read that on Twitter.

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