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A peer-to-peer stack for building software together. Sound fun? Try the beta

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A decentralized app for code collaboration

Collaborate peer-to-peer

Forget platforms. Easily share your code without relying on a third party.

No central servers

No censorship

One network

Work securely offline

No need to trust anyone to keep your work safe or online.

Local issues & patches

Built on Git

Backed by public-key cryptography

Own your infrastructure

Software as it should be.
Take back control.

Free forever

Completely open source

Available everywhere

Create with your

Support and be supported — a fresh take on sustainability.

Collectively manage codebases

Get paid for your work

Build your own value flows

No more walled gardens

Built on open protocols, not platforms


No need to change the way you work. Radicle extends Git with peer-to-peer discovery, giving distributed version control a new superpower.


The new standard for code collaboration. Link is the peer-to-peer protocol that powers the Radicle network. Documentation



Harness the power of decentralized organizations and digital money. Fund and sustain your open-source work without relying on intermediaries.

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We’re building everything publicly and open-source.

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Join the network and give secure peer-to-peer code hosting a go with the first version of our desktop client.

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Where we’re headed

We see Radicle being the first open-source, community-led, self-sustaining network for software collaboration. Here's what we have in store:

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Late 2020

Starting with the basics

The first release of our network and desktop client. Join the network and start securely hosting your code peer-to-peer.

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Early 2021

Going further
with Ethereum

Register global names, collectively manage orgs, and link crypto wallets with our Ethereum integration.

We’re here

Mid 2021

Leveling up with social coding

Code collaboration as you know it. Work better together with bug reporting, code reviews, and discussions — all locally hosted.